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Setting the timeout value while publishing an item using PubSub


  1. I want to publish an item with a time-out value. ( means : If time-out time is passed then the published item should be deleted from the wildfire server.)

  2. If above is not possible (with the XEP-0060 OR in wildifre) then do let me know if this can be done via writing a Plugin for wildfire ?

Please help me ASAP.

Thanks in Advance


any experts get a chance to look into this ?


I was quite sure that PubSub supports an expire value but this seems to be true inly for subscriptions. But as you can delete a published item http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0060.html#publisher-delete it should be possible to write a plugin which intercepts publish requests.

But it will be not so easy … it may be probably a better idea to modify the pubsub core and add the feature there as expiration is an essential feature for many applications.