Setting Up External User Access

I have established an Openfire/Spark IM system. It works fine but now I have an external user (outside our building/firewall). What do I need to do to configure Openfire to allow this user so that they are part of our IM system? I’m running Openfire off a Windows server.

You’ll need to open the following ports to your Openfire server:

5222 TCP Inbound (XMPP Client Port)

5223 TCP inbound (old SSL port - might not be necessary but we always open it)

Your external user will then be able via your external IP but ideally you should setup your external DNS so the user can logon as USER@DOMAIN.

You might need SRV records for that, depends what your XMPP domain is setup as. ie. do your users logon as or

Thank you Leonroy for the below information.

I’ll get with our networking guy to have below ports open. Once open, are there any other setting that need to be adjusted from the Openfire Admin module? Also, is there documentation on how to properly configure Openfire.

Thanks again,