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Setting up FQDN to something besides the host server

I have an openfire server up and running for Spark. Initially I had it set for users to connect to the host server FQDN of servername.xxx.local. But I want to change it so it’s more user friendly for them, I decided to make it chat.xxx.local.

I made a A name record so DNS will resolve chat.xxx.local to which is the server. I changed the FQDN to the new record and it told me success… but I’m seeing an error on the status page and it won’t connect with chat and only the server name.

What steps am I missing? See screenshots. Thanks!

Your xmpp domain name is as your old fqdn and xmpp client is logging into a domain, not into hostname. It worked before as your xmpp domain and fqdn were the same. You need to change your xmpp domain, but doing this on working server might be problematic (users can have contacts which were added using old domain name and such contacts won’t update if you rename the domain).

I opened openfire.xml and changed the setup to “false”, then reran the setup and used the domain I wanted and it is working fine now. Thread can be closed.