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Settings for JiveX (modifications after update)



Header Color: DC5A00

Accent Color: **800000 **(the background color for unread items in inbox - F06500 used by normal page):


Header Image: button-ignite-100x30.gif (could be optimized)

Bookmark Image: ignite144.png


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[x] Link interception enabled

Do not moderate users who have at least 1000 (could be optimized) status level points.

Moderate all content by users who have 200 (could be optimized) or fewer status level points, regardless of links in content.

Do not moderate users who are members of any of the following user groups: TODO: create a group for trusted users

[ ] Automatically update the domain whitelist when content is approved by a moderator


[x] Disabled


[ ] Only allow registration from addresses matching the community domain list


Join Date, Email, Job Function, Company, Location


“Moderate all content by users who have 200 (could be optimized) or fewer status level points, regardless of links in content.” this is too much. There is not much spam without links and even not much spam with the links (normally), yet i have to approve lots of posts with normal links and this option will only make the approvements per week go very high… We get 60 new users per week (last week) and most of them won’t reach 200 for a very long time. Unless in JiveX it will take much less time. Granted, not all of them post, but it can still be huge numbers.

Is there a setting limiting a number of posts per time for a user? In this case we can tie it to the points status. If JiveX provides points for posting, maybe we should take this amount x5 (10 points?), not 200.


I’ve done all these in the new production.


Moderating every post is insane. We will alienate new users with this.

Also, it is a bit slow. Even comments on this document took like 5-10 seconds to load. And if you go to a discussion it loads the text and boxes and after a while it loads buttons (like correct answer).


I disabled mod. for every new post - really useless. Limit for links is still 1000 points - maybe 200 would be better. Feel free to decrease it if you see too much mod.


Replying inline within the /activity stream is cool - try it.


When did you disable mod for every post?


20 mins ago.