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Settle an argument for me please

Yes or No. Does Messenger support file transfer?

I’‘ve searched the forums and i can’‘t find an answer. One posts makes it seem it doesn’'t. The next post makes it seem as it does.


is the closest i’‘ve come but either i’‘m tired or just plain not understanding Dom’‘s explanations. "Server support required, but if server doesn’'t support it, use it anyway".

So to settle and argument between myself and a friend (both connected to my Messenger server, using miranda), does Messenger support file transfers?

I’'m on the “no” side of the court.

(ps: we have peer-to-peer transfer working with miranda, we are just arguing amongst ourselves)

i’'ve been able to transfer files using Messenger and PSi

Last I recall reading, the server does not support file transfers, but clients often do. I know GAIM does not do file transfers on any jabber protocol, while others have had it work with different clients.

Yes or No. Does Messenger support file transfer?

No. What you are seeing is client<->client transfer without any involvement from Jive Messenger.

See JM-108 for info on current development status.


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Just to refine your statement a bit… What does work right now is in-band file transfer. This means that clients break a file into relatively small chunks and send them in message packets. This works just fine already. The proxy server approach is preferred, however, and will make for better file transfers.


Just to drive the issue home, there are 3 ways of sending files with Jabber / XMPP:

inband - chop the file up into small packages and send as messages,

out of band - send file client to client (works when they are on the same network)

proxy - using something like proxy65 which runs on your server and handles the files out of band but across multiple networks.


in band: can break “Karma” of some servers and files are delayed

out of band: limited to local networks (works well with isolated office networks)

proxy: a lot of people report this as being difficult to setup (I for instance am one of them)

Please, if you would like to see file transfer proxy added to Messenger, vote for it at JM-108



Thanks everyone. It was what i was trying to get across to my cohort. However, he thought i was off my rocker until he could see it in this forum.

Case Closed.

Let me show you my case, File Transfer is not working in my JM server between MSN, AIM, JAbber, ive got pyMSN and pyAIM.

This happens because of the client (Psi), the server (JM 2.2.2) or the transports?

Could you guide me please? Its there anything I need to set in the client or server?

Thanks, Patricio

If you have a stack trace from the server, client, or transport and post it we could perhaps determine where the weak link is in the chain.


To refine your statement a bit Bytestream transfers will work with messenger, Bytestreams is the JEP-65 that the proxy approach uses. This works because most clients can act as both proxy and reciever when the two communicators in this case can open a direct port over TCP, ie they are not behind a firewall.


I couldn’'t found a trace nor for Server or transport, the XML Debug of the client is this:

When Sending File to AIM:

The difference between this two calls confuse me more…

Thanks, Patricio

It certainly doesn’‘t shed any more light on the situation as I just figured they didn’'t support file transfer but a quick perusal of their mailing lists seems to say differently. Is there any way to get debugging output from them, any log files etc. that you are aware of?

The last I heard, the only transport to partially offer file transfer is PyMSNt, and it’‘s somewhat new (the only thing I can quickly find is, “A preview release of PyMSNt 0.10 with receiving file transfer is available in the download section.”). The other transports I’‘m pretty sure don’'t try to do file transfer at all. You should be able to do Jabber<->Jabber under the right environment though.