Setup examples for large scale installations


how a about a document containing the setup for large scale (>1000 concurrent users) installations of OF for reference purposes?

My company runs on:

Server: OF 3.5.2

Client: Spark 2.5.8 (90% of user base), Pidgin

Debian Linux as a guest on VM Ware ESX.

Guest Memory 2 GB,

Guest CPU max 4 GHz (on VM Ware setup)

Normal Consumption (900 concurrent user) on ESX level 500 MHz and 300 MB Ram

Datebase: mySQL (migrated from DB/2c)

Named users: 4300 (worldwide)

Concurrent users: Max 1500

Target user base: 30.000

Users can not create own acounts (admin registration only)

Corporate LDAP is not connected, but used during creation and for user revalidation

Java settings:

  • default OF JVM

  • JVM parameters:

“-Xms512m -Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -Xss128k -Xoss128k -XX:ThreadStackSize=128”


-Gateway (active: ICQ, Yahoo, AOL, GTalk, MSN)

  • Broadcast

  • Group Import Export (self developed export of groups and their members)

  • MotD (Message of the Day)

  • Password Reset Frontend

  • Presence Service

  • Registration

  • Search

  • User Import Export

  • User Service

  • UserInvitePlugin (self developed dezentralized user creation)

  • MotD

  • Passreset

  • self developed dezentralized registrations

Service Level agreement:

Downtimes at any time

Availability 24x7 (no planed maintenance)

Recovery times less than 8 hours via VMWare

Hot backup available, switch over via NAT (iptables on linux host)

Backup setup:

Acronis True Image

mySQL scripts

User help:

Static web site with Wink animations

Issues with the setup:

OF errors regarding

  • presence

  • Zlib compression

  • Out of Memory errors every so often


  • memory consumption

  • Reconnect issue after network connectivity loss (V2.5.8)



basiclly a good idea, but you should know there is already an similar document:

However, it would be nice to have an reference with more details.

Hi Coolcat,

I have noted the doc by Todd as well as the JVM guide by LG. Especially the JVM settings would be really useful for references.

And I am most curious about installations well aboce 10.000 named accounts… Some people seems to have these monsters…