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Setup from the beginning please!

I have never used an IM that isn’‘t the pre-packaged Yahoo or the like. I haven’'t even set up ICQ.

Is there any detailed setup documentation out there? I followed the Jive Messenger Installation Guide to the letter and i am obviously missing something.

Like what is syntax for naming your server?

Syntax for clients?

Should my server name be the IP address or netbios name?

Which resource to use in the Client?

Common server settings?

Firewall/Proxy settings and concerns?

I basically need a setup guide that assumes i know nothing.

Here is my first thread that can give you a background on where i am at. http://www.jivesoftware.org/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=14728&tstart=0



mcb, sorry i didn’‘t get back with you sooner. I’'ve been doing a pretty major Database conversion at work.

Let me download the latest nightly build to my laptop and i’'ll get a “setup” guide going and hopefully upload it tonight for you.

check back in a bit. I’‘ll document and take screen shots as i go along. Hopefully, i’'ll not miss a step this way as my memory on the install is a bit rusty.


Try this out:

*note: the link posted last night was bad, it’'s updated and now works.

It’‘s just something whipped out real quick. It’'s not something you might find from Microsoft Press, but it might be a tad helpful.

(ps: anyone that might see this and download it, if you find errors, comments, anything additional that might be worth mentioning, just let me know millsc"AT"williamsmullen.com)

nice one:) Like the official docs but with more screenshots and more step-by-step. Not quite finished? But looks nice;)

wondering,… this is for win version. Do we need linux step-by-step installation guide with screenshots (hm… cmd screenshots:D)? Or maybe linux users are advanced enough to follow official docs?


i’‘m going to try and revise this edition as i’‘ve noticed a few mistakes (left off screen shots). I’'m also going to try and do an External Database version as well.

I don’‘t currently have a linux distro running at the moment, but if anyone would like some documentation, i’‘ll load up the ol’’ penguin again and see about doing that.

Wow Toe,

You guys are awesome. And please there is no rush, i know we all have lives. But really, thank you so much. I will take a look at your first release.


Hi toetag,

Nice work on the howto. One suggestion I would have is that you might to make the document available as a pdf or html file. I know it would be somewhat rare for someone to be installing Messenger on Windows and not be able to open a Word document but you never know.


I only had Word availabe last night. I’‘m going to try and create it in a few different versions now that i’'m at work and have a full set of tools at my incapabale hands.





Any other preferred formats?





Any other preferred formats?

Nope, I think those formats would pretty well cover it.


I saw that you were using Miranda IM. Is that what you would recommend? I decided to take a look at Exo first because of its feature list on Jabber.org. Can Exodus communicate to other platforms (yahoo, icq, etc.) like Miranda does?



Hello again,

Well, i have got it up and running! This time i used your Guide and the Miranda IM client instead of Exodus. I don’'t know if Exodus was my problem before or what?


do you use Miranda-IM for group and conference chats? Is that available standard or in a plug-in for the Jive Sever? I am having some difficulty getting that to work at present. We want to do the private chat as well as the room where multiple people can add to the thread. Miranda’‘s site has been down, so i don’'t know if they offer this yet or not.

UPDATE I think i am on the right track to figuring out the room/group chat! Thanks.

Thanks again for your help!


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you need Jabber Protocol for miranda, this is actually JabberG Protocol now because it’'s developing by new author. Wait till miranda-im.org come up. If not, i can email this plugin to you.

And what was the problems with Exodus? Exodus is the best xmpp (jabber) client for me:) Actually, Miranda’‘s Jabber Protocol is still buggy and unfinished. And none of the clients (afaik) has nested groups features that is perfectly combined with Jive Messenger’'s shared groups!!!:slight_smile:

Personally, i use Miranda because it has a plugin that supports GNUPG. This way i can encrypt my conversations. If my counterpart is using miranda, no matter what transport (AIM, YIM, Jabber) we are talking on, the conversations are encrypted.

Exodus is probably (as wroot mentioned) one of the better clients. I’'ve just not used it often as the plugin mentioned above suits me best.

btw: HTML documentation in progress at

http://zencom.ru/internet/client/jabber/ - in russian

this is about client config, good also:) Have you tried Exodus ? Though it looks almost the same, but some bugs were fixed (issue with Reconnect failing), avatar support added… well, avatar feature is buggy yet:)

Yeah, i am using the latest build of Exodus. And it is working now. I found that my problem was “Manually specify connection host”. I kept trying to use the server name, but i had to use the IP address for it to finally work. So, now i am looking at Exo vs. Miranda to see which i like better.

Do any of the IM clients have a way of bookmarking a conference room or group chat? That feature is eluding me if it exists. I always have to join the conference the manual way. And this is the feature that we will probably use most in our office.

Once again, thank you guys for your help. This has been one of the best forums i have used, and believe me i use many.


Do any of the IM clients have a way of bookmarking a

conference room or group chat? That feature is

eluding me if it exists. I always have to join the

conference the manual way. And this is the feature

that we will probably use most in our office.

Dont have these clients by hand, so may be some mistakes


Options > Jabber Browser

Public Rooms > Your_Chat_Room

right click it and select Add bookmark to roster or like this

enter your nickname, enter preffered room name in roster

check auto login if you need this



havent tested yet, but JabberG protocol developer said that version have this feature already

Menu -> Jabber -> MUC -> list of confs -> rclick -> Add to roster

Also, Gaim, JAJC have this feature too.

P.S. still no support for cyrillic chars here:)

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