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Setup Loop after Database Edit


Openfire is unable to load correctly following an edit of the database via PHPMyAdmin

Accessing the console returns the user to the default setup wizard, in a loop

Currently unable to get access to the logs as the internet connection to the server has dropped out on attempting to access the error log.

System Details

Mac OS Server 10.5.6, Openfire 3.6.2a (I think its a as I downloaded it in the last week or so)

MySQL Database on localhost

Database History.

MySQL on Windows Server 2003 SP2,

Migrated to Mac OS Server 10.5.5 using PHPMyAdmin,

Migrated to Mac OS Server 10.5.6 using PHPMyAdmin after server reload.

Database Edit & Reason

Updated the gateway registrations in table - ofGatewayRegistration, field - jid from *@ to *@openfire.mydomain via PHPMyAdmin on 8 records

This edit was done because the existing gateway would not connect, however on deleting one, and recreating it @openfire.mydomain was the jid utilised, so the remaining entries were updated to reflect this jid.

Upon deselecting the gateway and selecting it again, the correct path was visible in the OpenFire Admin Console under registrations, yet upon reconnecting in the client, it was not apart from the entry created through the console.

As a result the server was rebooted to see if this would resolve the issue.

However, upon a server reboot, any account was unable to connect, and connecting to the Admin Console, returned the default setup page.

Once this setup page has been run, it calls the setup page again.

/usr/local/openfire/conf/openfire.xml was checked, and “…” had been replaced with

I have experienced this issue before on a database edit, in that case to blank out the admin password, allowing me to gain access to the database after the migration, which produced the same issue. Resolution in that case, having been just post migration, was to restore the database again from PHPMyAdmin

true also is set in the configuration file.

Addition/Correction to Above Post

Resolution the first time I encountered this issue, was not to reload the database from the backup as the sole solution, but to reload the database via PHPMyAdmin, and completely remove all traces of OpenFire from the server and then re-install as if a clean install.

Simply reloading the database and running the setup script again did not resolve the issue.

I currently have a functioning database, with the edits to my gateway registrations offline, and this is the process I have followed.

  • Terminal > sudo mv /usr/local/openfire /usr/local/openfire-old
  • TextEdit > Open Backup SQL, Search and replace @ with @openfire.domain
  • PHPMyAdmin > Drop * on MySQL.Openfire
  • PHPMyAdmin > Paste Edited Backup SQL and Execute
  • Finder > Installed Openfire 3.6.3 (Freshly Downloaded)
  • Safari > Ran Setup task once

So while I am currently running again, if any edit to the database via any medium runs this risk, is there another way to get Openfire up and running that isn’t destructive to the current DB, and the files on the system as this required restoring from an edited backup, and replacing the core files on the system, and thus re-installing all the plugins.

Creating a user, other than root, to use with the MySQL file worked for me. I guess root cannot write the config files.