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Setup Openfire public server

Hi guys, I am new to Openfire and it won’t be wrong for me to say that I am pretty much new to networking and servers. I have read some things about it and I am creating an Android app that will be a chat app. I am trying to create something like WhatsApp so I read about Openfire as it uses XMPP which is what I am looking for. I had Openfire set up as localhost and it was working just on my network. But what I want is to have this server accessible by public. So that when people download my app, this app automatically creates their account with their phone number on this server. Then they will automatically sign in and begin chatting with the people that are online on the server. That is the programming part which I know how to do but I don’t know how I can set up this Openfire server so that it allows people from any network to connect to it. I have read alot about this but I can’t find an answer that can help me. Can someone please explain to me how I can set up this server? The more detailed the answer, the better it is for me to understand. Thank you in advance.

No one has answer for this?

Hi Saurav,

I work out of Pune. I have the same idea as urs… a chat application that does not have a centralized server like Whatsapp or facebook… the server is on our side… with clients connecting in… each can act as a server or client. …

Let me know ur whereabouts… I am new to Openfire… was searching for apps like "kWs - android web server… " when i somehow chanced upon Openfire.


Anbu Anand

Hi Anbu,

I stopped working on my app when my semester started but now I am back on it. I live in Philadelphia, USA so if you would want to work on something similar then my email is sauravguru420@gmail.com. I am not going to try and set up an XMPP server which I can use with the Smack API library.

Hi Saurav,

Thanks for your reply, let me also catch up on the Smack API etc…and then we can work on some ideas.


Anbu Anand