Setup Problem: User Mapping

My AD structure is broken out under multiple OUs. Should I just point to the root of the domain?

My AD allows anonymous queries due to applications that were written in house, so I haven’t specified a admin. Step 1 connects ok, but I get:

No users were found using the specified configuration. Try changing the base DN, user filter or username field.

Is ADAM a requirement?

ADAM is not needed for LDAP integration with AD. You could use the top of your tree for the baseDN. You could also create another OU to house all the OUs currently containing Accounts. You would then move the account OUs to the new parent OU. Any group policys should move with the OUs.

So say in AD, all my OUs are under the forest called

Would my baseDN just be dc=abc, dc=com ? This is how I have it setup right now and it is giving me the error.

thanks in advance for helping out.

That would be the correct baseDN given the example. You will probably need to add an adminDN and password which can be in the form of for the adminDN.

I have the baseDN as shown below, but no admin account, since my AD allows anonymous queries. I am getting that same message upon trying to find users. Do I need to have any for the user search or the one below it?

Thanks for your help so far.

Try pointing your baseDN to an OU that has users in it for a test such as OU=someOU,DC=acb,DC=com. If it still can not find users try adding an adminDN and password even though your system is configured for anonymous authentication.

Any difference with a BaseDN that contains users?

Actually, it looks like it was the admin entry that did it. Thanks a bunch.