Setup with mySQL .... help

I installed WF and after the fact saw it can use mySQL databases. I don’'t have anything I need saved so I would like to start from scratch using mySQL. I uninstalled wildfire…and removed the directories. When I reinstall it automatically configures with the integrated DB…how get it back to asking me what I want to use or how do I just change it over to point to a mySQL db?

Thanks alot.


in conf/wildfire.xml there is a section, change true to false and you are able to run the setup again.

(It seems that a de-installation does not remove conf/wildfire.xml?)


I’'ll give that a try thanks!

Hopefully I’‘m not doing something dumb here but I am just not seeing this setup tag your talking about. The file isn’‘t very long and I’'ve manually seached at as well as using the find function and its not there??

I’'m running on windows server if that makes a difference.


you could download a fresh wildfire.xml file and overwrite the existing one.

A fresh file does also not contain this section and if Wildfire reads it it asks again for the initial setup.


Thanks that did it! I think part of my issue also user error! I’‘m at the DB setup point now but it seems it doesn’'t like me using localhost as the db connection.

GOT IT! all set.

Thanks for your time.