Share a group only one way?

Hi. How do I share a group with another group but only one way?

I’d like everyone from Group A to be on Group B and C’s rosters, but I don’t want group B and C on Group A’s. How do I do that…?


This is easy as long as you don’t mind group A seeing all of group A in their own roster. If that is the case share group A and extend it to groups B and C. If this is the only info you want in the roster you can lock it down by adding the subscription plugin and setting it to reject all.

Gah… I don’t think it’ll work. I can’t have Group A seeing all of themselves :confused:

Then there is no current way for this to be done.


you may or may not have some success with the Packet Filter plugin. There you can configure “drop … presence info … from group a … to group a”. I did not test this so I wonder if this works as I do expect it.