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Share Group creation from Android App


I just start using openfire and asmack jar, i was able to do most of the work on the app expect i am stuck with one adding groups. I will add a button in the app as group where user can add a name to the group and invite his firends to chat. Whenever he comes back to the app he can see this group and directly go there and chat. The message he will send needs to go to everyone in the group.

I have tried to create a shared group from the app through code but nothing worked. I was able to create a roster group but this will be only for the user who created it wont be shared among others in that. Can you guys please help me create this shared group.


I am not sure no one understood my question or no one has done this.

Anyways for anyone who comes across this i got an answer for them, start using MCU (Multi Chat User) for this. It will allow you to create a group and allow you to join under that and send invitation to other users.

I have a new issue here i hope someone can help me on this atleast. When i send invitation to other user the other user receives the invitation but when i crate MUC instance there and give join it throws some expections saying 404

Can anyone help me here to solve this issue.