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Share Groups between servers s2s connected

I have two servers s2s connected.

LDAP (Active Directory) enabled. All works fine.

Users from server1 can add users to roster from server2 by one. Only.

It’'s no good:)

Can i share group from server1 to server2 that user from server2 not manually add all users by one to roster from server1?

Server Wildfire 2.5.1

Client Pandion 2.5

Sorry 4 my bad english:)

Hi Swen,

what causes trouble for you? Do you mean /group-summary.jsp with “share group”?

You can add every JID to a server group (Note: Remote users or entities should accept presence subscriptions automatically.).


When i try add users from server2 to server group of server1 i see message

"User(s) not added successfully.

user@server2 is already in group."

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Hi Swen,

Sounds like what you are looking for is something similar to what was discussed in url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?threadID=16739this thread[/url] (I believe this feature was also discussed during one the weekly url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/group-chat.jspgroup chats[/url], but I couldn’'t find it with a quick search). A big issue with implementing this feature is that it would be a proprietary to Wildfire, which can be both a good and bad thing.

If there is enough interest in this feature a url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/issues/JIRA[/url] item could be created and somebody could volunteer to work on it.

Hope that helps,



I have found uncomfortable decision:

i disable taking group from Active Directory and create server groups manually on server1 with users from server2 and on server2 with users from server1 (all users belong to one AD) but now i am required synchronize users on two my wildfire servers and it is much uncomfortably:(

I plan to connect third server and more…

Thanks, ryang, but who can create this issue?:slight_smile:

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Hi Swen,

as you are using LDAP/AD you may not use the Wifi web admin page to add users to groups.

I don’'t use Wifi+LDAP so I have no idea if it is possible to add the remote users to LDAP groups using an LDAP tool, Wifi has only read access to LDAP. Wifi itself (without LDAP) stores the group members in the “JIVEGROUPUSER” table. Local users are stored without @ + domain while for remote users the JID is stored (JID = username@domain). Storing only the username for local users is the default, but one may edit the database entries and modify all entries to be a JID and Wifi does not complain about this as far as I can see.

So maybe you can do the same thing within LDAP and add JID’'s instead of users to your shared groups. This is still more complicated but it could work.