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Shared Group Management

Perhaps there is already a way to do this and I’'m just missing it… but in the Wildfire Server Admin, I can select a Group and then designate what groups can see them in the select list.

I find that a bit confusing after I get through a couple groups… it seems it would make a lot more sense to me to be able to select who that group can see, rather than who can see that group. If a radio button option for that list is able to make it into a future release, I’'d stop my head from spinning


How many share group do you have? I think the issue is very subtle and more of a logistic issue that wildfire admin needs to take care of. Even if Wildfire has the options that you ask ‘’ A radio button for which groups, the group can see. ‘’, I still believe that it won’‘t solve the issue. If you can tell us how things can be effectively manage (like Apple’'s ease of use ? ), it would help the developer and other system admins as well. My suggestion would be to let the group be seen by only the members. If they want to see other, they can always add the other user in the contact list. Usually the one group rarely talk to other group. It might not be the same with your enviroment but think about that options. It can reduce your managing activities.



Cam, I’‘ve posted my agreement with this. It seems just backwards. “Who can see this group” is a property of the group being edited, just now. For my part, when I’‘m thinking about a group I’'m thinking about who they can see, not who can see them.

If I create a group and I want them to see four other groups, I have to go edit those four other groups and specify, for each one, that they can be seen by the group I created. That’'s a bit crazy, IMO!

Devs, please think this one through – but re-think the radio buttons anyway. When taken together with the backward way who sees who is chosen, they don’'t work intuitively at all.

This was discussed couple of times in past: