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Shared Groups displaying Usernames from Remote Server

Hi All,

I have created a shared group with users from a remote server. Eg: Lloyd.Smith@beijing001.domainname.com

Is there a way I can force the Shared Group to show a “nick name” of the user from the remote server or just the username. Eg. Lloyd.Smith instead of Lloyd.Smith@beijing001.domainname.com?

The group also includes users from my local server, so the lists looks like.







Hey Lloyd,

First off, be warned that you need to consider some issues when adding remote users. Since JM 2.3.0 it is possible to add JIDs as group members. However, when adding users of a remote server you need to be sure that those users will ALWAYS accept presence subscriptions and that they will NEVER reject them or cancel them in the future. In summary, when adding remote entities they need to handle presence subscriptions automatically. Otherwise, you will start seeing poeple offline when they are in fact online.

The only way I can think we can solve the “get the name of remote users” is by asking their vCard. I filed JM-489 for this improvement request. You can vote for it to raise its priority.


– Gato

Thanks for the answer…

Would it be possible to…

to use simple Server names like bne /binstead of bne001jab.domainname.com[/b] and then create a entry in the hosts file on the unix server to point bne to bne001jab.domainname.com[/b]

then my usernames would be lloyde.smith@bne[/b]


…and what about LDAP groups?!