Shared Groups update on cluster

Hi, I’m running an openfire 3.10.3 with Hazelcast clustering. When I add or delete users from a shared group using admin/usergroups, these are not always notified to active user connections and also after reconnection I cannot see those users in the correct groups.

Debugging I’ve seen that also after a manual clear Roster cache nothing changes.

I think I’ve found the bug:

On “”, in the event “deleteSharedUser” contactDeleted and contactUpdated events are never raised. This is causing cache never to be updated and it’s generating the issue.

After having added

RosterEventDispatcher.contactDeleted(this, item);


RosterEventDispatcher.contactUpdated(this, item);

updates from admin now work. Please add this to issue and fix it. Can give you more info if you wish.


Hello, Thanks for your message. I’m tagging @Tom Evans in this thread, so he is alerted to it.

Thanks for the report - filed as [OF-1023]