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Shared roaster not updated when removing a contact


We are running Openfire 3.3.2 using MS AD as our user store and pidgin 2.0.2

as the jabber client. We have been using this company wide (approx 80 -100) for

about 1.5 months without issue. Today I noticed that when Show Offline Buddies

is enabled in pidgin it shows contacts that have been removed from AD and are

not listed on the Openfire Admin Console.

From what I have read the server is suppose to send out an unsubscribe

message to the XMPP client which is never displayed in Pidgen (from non of our

users) so am wondering if this is a bug in Pidgin or if the Openfire server is

not sending the unsubscribe message?

Has anybody else noticed this behavior and does anybody know how I can

verify the Openfire server is sending these unsubscribe messages?

I don’t know aobut AD, but I know you should remove a user from the shared group first, then delete the account.