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Shared rosters between domains and AD

Hi… i have 2 active directory domains… and a lot of users added in each one… All users and groups are managed by AD.

Is there a way to get users from domain-A seeing users/groups from domain-B automatically?

It is not possible to autoshare the rosters to people not on the server.

Hmmm… Is there a way to configure openfire to use hybrid management groups? For exemple, I want to configure LDAP groups and Local groups

in the same server…

Is it possible?

Again, sorry but I don’t think so. That being said I was thinking you could create a generic user in each domain and use Server to Server connections, the XMPP gateway and a Shared master group (one that contains all users of the domain) to get users from one domain in the rosters of the other domain. I just tried it on my test system and it works.

The Steps:

  1. Create a user in each domain

  2. Create a group in each domain that contains all users

  3. Configure a second Openfire server for the second domain

  4. Configure Server to Server in openfire to point at each other

  5. Set the XMPP gateway on each server to point at the other server

  6. Share the group of all users on each server and name it descriptively

  7. Members of each domain need to add the generic ID for the other domain to their Spark gateway and set it to connect at login

By doing this the group should populate from each server to the other.