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Shared rosters between multiple servers?

I am trying to get two (or more) openfire servers to share their rosters to each others clients. Essentially:

Server A ( contains groups/users from departments A-L) connected to Database A

Server B ( contains groups/users from departments M-Z ) connected to Database B

I need users from server A to see the rosters from server A and B. Just as users from server B need see rosters from both B & A. And, the databases must be kept seperate. Is there a way to do this?

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I’'m going to need this soon too i think.

I’'m not near an install atm, but I kind of recall entering fully qualified names for the rosters ie user@xmpp01.org which would likely mean it could be done, keping the rosters in sync would be the real challenge then - although an update query run every night could do the syncing.

I might be thinking of the conference rooms though and not the rosters.