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Shared rosters problem fixed

Hey guys,

For those of you that were having some problems with shared groups let me tell you that today we fixed an issue which might be related to the problems you were having. The issue description can be found in this Jira issue JM-442. We still have to implement a fix for the caching problem when using LDAP. Anyway, give the next nightly version a try and let us know how it goes.


– Gato

Thank God… Ok so now I see only two problems…

1: I can no longer log into the admin console… I was using a username from LDAP and that no longer works…

2: When the roster items subscription get fixed the Nickname does not get changed on the client…

Hey Joe,

So now that issue #1 has gone away could you explain a little bit your second issue?


– Gato

Ok so the original problem had to do with the subcription type not getting set to “both” when two poeple were in a shared roster during some circumstances… So your jm-446 fixed that… But I noticed that when it fixes it, the “nickname” that displays on the client does not get updated to reflect the “nickname” sent down by the server…


the messed up roster item was:


when the shared roster group was applied and the subscription type fixed… The rest of the roster items came in like:

Reggie Larson

but the “bcortright@methodsmachine.int” roster item never changed to a similar looking nick…