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Shouldn't show (0 online)

Spark is not showing (0 online) near group’s name if that group was initially empty upon login. If someone goes online when (1 online) is appended. But if that users goes back offline it shows (0 online). I think this is not necessary and breaks design, when all initially empty groups are not showing that state. This should be shown all the time or never (option in preferences could be). though i prefer not to show (0 online) at all, cause i think this is useless. Anyway, should be the same behaviour for all groups.


Actually requalifying it as a bug. I think now it should be shown all the time for users to see which groups are empty (all offline) on a quick glance, especially when groups are collapsed.

Coloring it grey for 0 users may be an alternative.

Technically showing “3/20” for 3 online and 20 users in the group would be nice.

Not sure is it really worth knowing hom much users are in the group. Maybe for local groups and decing where to add another contact Our groups are all shared and i don’t really care hom many employees every department has, but sometimes i care if anyone is still online.