Show a user list on spark

I hope to show a list of all the users logged on my web on spark and when we click their names on spark, we can start a chat with the user.

I really don’t know how to make this plugin. What kind of technologies should be used? Should I make an XML of the users to send to the openfire server; then the openfire server send it to the spark?

Can someone help me of the problem?

You can put all users into a group on the server and then enable Sharing option for this groups to share members to all users. Then every Spark user will see that group. You can also install the Registration plugin for Openfire and configure it to add new registered users to that group automatically, so you won’t have to put new users into a group manually.

Sorry, it seems that I haven’t expressed myself clearly. Forgive my poor English, please.

In fact, I want to construct a client-server IM system on my website with the openfire, spark, fastpath and webchat. The servers of my website use the spark and the visiting menbers use the webchat to connect with our servers.

But my boss ordered me to add a function that the servers should be able to get a list of all the members online in spark and chat with the members initiatively by clicking the names on the list.

I really appreciate it if you can help me.

Have you any ideas?

So, you setup is:

You have Openfire server with Fastpath and Webchat installed.

You have agents using Spark inside of your company, they use Spark’s internal Fastpath plugin to answer questions.

Your customers go to your website and join Webchat chat and they are connected with one of the agents to help them out.

What do you want to achieve?

Do you want all of your agents visible to your customers? This is not possible with Fastpath and Webchat. Customers can’t see a list of agents, i think. Though i haven’t used Webchat myself, but in Fastpath you usually chat with some generic account which will give you a form to fill (name, email, question) and then it forwards your request to real agents.

Do you want your customers visible to your agents? Again not possible i think as customers login to Webchat as anonymous users i think. They don’t have real accounts.

If you want the agents visible for customers, you will have to use some web group chat option, like Candy But, you won’t have any Fastpath options, like queues, question forwarding to another agent, then. This will be just a plain web group chat. And also your customers will see all your customers.

Well, i don’t have any solution for you probably. You will have to program something like that to pull all agents list and to show them on you site for customers to be able to chat with a particular agent. I think this will involve much of programming.

Thanks for your reply.

I don’t want the agents visible for customers, to the contrary, I want all the customers online visible for the agents.

I know the customers login to Webchat is annoymous users, but I think maybe I can form a list of the customers online to send to the openfire and then make a plugin of openfire or spark to show the list on spark for agents to chat with members initiatively.