Show real name in muc (instead of jid)

I’m looking for a way to show the users real name instead of jid from within a chat room. I see several threads concerning this while using AD but I’m not using that.

Example on buddy list:

John Doe

Jane Doe

But inside the room the user appears as jdoe and jadoe.

Am I missing something easy here ?

The users need to have their user profile filled out. The name in chat dialogs is pulled from their Nickname field in their user profile. If that is empty it moves on to JID.

I’m using pidgin as a client. No matter what I put in the nickname or name fields, pidgin will not display it inside a conference room.

I used spark for a client and it seems to use the real name like I had wanted.

Is this a bug within pidgin or is there still something wrong with the server config ?


This is normal behaviour. When a user joins a MUC, they can have the option to have themself identifed by a ‘handle’. This handle does not need to be their nickname.

Depending on how the server is setup, the actual Jabber ID of the user may not be broadcasted to MUC room participants. So there is no way for the client to identify real users by the nickname, they only have the handle.