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Showing members of AD security group issue

i have a problem that some users of AD security groups member don’t properly shown in admin console and in the client app. These users usernames are incorrect in “Members of This Group” section of “Admin console->Edit Group” window. There is a “dollar” sign at the end of username (ex: james$@net.localdomain), but they are correct in “Admin console->User summary” window. When i browse AD using LDAP browser, only computer objects sAMAccountName ends with dollar ($) sign. So i guess that may be openfire is showing computer objects instead of person object when getting members of AD group. After logged to client app, they can write to other users and reply is ok, but no one a can inititate chat with these users because they are always offline and don’t receive that messages. Debug log and configuration attached.

Is it possible to use “search filter” to get members of ldap group? Any idea ?

Server OS: FreeBSD 6.3-RELEASE

LDAP server OS: win2003 ent




Client app: Pandion

i have another FreeBSD server with “Wildfire, Version: 3.0.1”. it is working 1.5 year without such problem.

Sorry for my poor english


I don’t know if this thread is still alive, but have you tried the default Search filter?


Problem sovled usign Roba’s custom patch.

Thanks Roba