SID problem at openfire cluster

I have a clustered openfire from 2 servers with hazelcast between them and set an Elastic load balancer over them and there is an application that use http bind at port 7070 but when it calls the loadbalancer it gives us this error
POST 404 (invalid SID value)
But if i connected directly to one server not load balancer it works fins
Can anyone suggest what to do ?

HTTP-Bind state is not shared between nodes, IIRC, you have to a have your load balancer static route clients to the same backend hosts each time.

That’s our issue
How to make the loadbalancer route to same backend ? Where the sticky session is not enables for tcp connections at Elastic Load balancer

You will have to consult the documentation or provider of your loadbalancer for help on how to configure it.

Typically, in XMPP, the client determines what “connect servers” are available for a particular XMPP domain, and will connect to the same server every time. DNS SRV records are widely used for this, but other discovery mechanism can be thought of too. In this type of setup, a load balancer is not needed.