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Sign out disabled

How do i make disabled menu sign out…

It is possible to disable Exit menu, but not the Log out. If disabling Exit is sufficient, then read this document http://community.igniterealtime.org/docs/DOC-2163

I need a logout disabled, is there another way…?

Currently there is no such option. I can create a ticket for this to be added to default.properties, but i’m not sure when this can be implemented. We lack active developers.


I really hope… thanks u

Hi All,

Any workarounds on disabling sign out/ logout function?



A comment on the ticket:

There is the following option in default.properties

If true, Spark cannot shut down

users wont be able to shut down Spark


if you put: DISABLE_EXIT = true

your logout and exit options will disappear

I retested and I found a minor glitch which I fixed with: r13771

And btw I noticed that RPM nightly build fails - I fixed that with r13772


Hi Wroot,

I inspect my default.properties and it was mark as true already I guess I must have edited mine before way back in March. Strange though, because when I run my spark application the exit function is not there anymore but the log out and log out with reason are still there.

Btw what you mean by minor glitch at r13772?



Try the latest version, which should have that minor fix included and maybe it will work http://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/artifact/SPARK-INSTALL4J/JOB1/build-614/Install 4j/spark_2_6_3_12555.exe

hi there wroot,

tried this method to the latest version…spark 2.7

same problem…exit button is gone but log out and log out with reason buttons are still there.

any tips?



Works for me with 653 build http://www.igniterealtime.org/downloads/nightly_spark.jsp

wrott : currently,how many active programmers ??

0… or 0,2 I think only Jason (SnakeDoc) is doing something in his spare time. But he has his main job and not much time for Spark.

oh my godness, only one but he did it in his free time, can we teach the others to be active programmers?

Well, Spark and Openfire are Open Source projects for many years now and for all this time depending on volunteers doing it in their spare time. All of us here have main jobs and lifes and not much time for these projects. If you know java programmers who would be willing to program for Open Source projects (for free), then you can try “teaching” them Not much we can do about it, other than spreading the word about these projects. Some of the projects are moving to Git source management, which should attract more programmers, because source would be available to a more wider public and it would be easier to contribute patches.

so, if i wanna see the code of openfire and spark,what kinds of software that i should install? is it netbean??


if i wanna get openfire source code, i should click on openfire src 3 9 1.zip

how about spark source code?

The source is available via svn (will change to git soon). Use some svn tool to get the code, like tortoisesvn. I think eclipse ide has svn client built-in. You can use netbeans, eclipse or any other tool to make your changes to the code.

thanks wroot,do you have guide to use tortoisesvn and how to install enclipse

No, i have no guides. I’ve tried tortoisesvn just once. It is easy to use. Just right click the folder you want to use as a source folder and sync svn to it. Maybe this can help http://community.igniterealtime.org/docs/DOC-1020

The most up-to-date Spark source is now hosted using Git on Github.

If you don’t know how to use Git (it’s easy! plenty of great starter guides online), you can always just click the “Download Zip” button in the bottom right corner.