Silent Uninstall

We were using spark on our domain with about 250 computers. We now have to uninstall it on all the computers. We have access to SCCM2007 and ofcourse group policy. but now we can’t

Is there a way to silently uninstall spark? a command line switch perhaps?

if you installed via MSI you could use the msiexec /x command to remove it via a startup script on the computer.

unfortunately we installed with the EXE file

It may still work as long as you use the msi file for the version you currently have installed e.x. msiexec /x \\netlogon\spark.msi

Good idea, is there a version of the spark_2_5_7.msi available? some of our clients still have it installed 5_7.exe

this may be a dumb question but is the MSI packaged within the EXE?

sorry fat fingers there: 5_7.msi

thanks, I should be able to do what I need using the MSI’s and sccm

it appears that uninstalling spark this way only works if it was installed with the MSI… back to square 1

did you find a solution? I am working on the same thing for installing 2.6.2 on all machines.

c:\program files\spark>

uninstall.exe -q

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