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Simple Jive BOT


Can the Content Filter (basic implementation) be used for a bare-bones bot (lets say to answer on weather command ?). If anyone has some code would appreciate it.

Saludos desde Mexico



It’'s not really a bot. It has some response fuctionality which may be useful for a bot, so feel free to reuse any bits of code you like. You may be better off looking at the

whack forum, which describes the kind of external component you may be looking for. In particular it already has a weather component.

Also there are plenty of threads on the forums regarding bots and bot functionality. Hope that helps,


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Thanks for the Whack reference. I did manage to write a simple BOT with Smack if anyone wants it, let me know.




At the moment my bots are running via PHP so I would be realy interested in a bot via java.

Hi marvin,

I am interested in getting more information regarding your sample BOT using smack. Can you share your work/code with me.




I’'d love to share the sample code in this forum but have no idea how to post. Anyone know ?

Also, I believe it could be posted as a SMACK sample for simple bot. My code is not sophisticated or up to speed, but can get you up and running simple tests with some Regex patterns.

Let me know where I should post and would be glad.



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Searching the forums, comin’’ quite late to the discussion. I’‘m definitely interested in bots. What’'s the current state of the art on this?