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Simple plugin not unloading

Hi friends !

I a have a strange problem with the simplest plugin of all … it simply won’t unload for some reason :

Here is the plugin :

public class FooPlugin implements Plugin {

public void initializePlugin(PluginManager arg0, File arg1) {
System.out.println(“foo plugin starting”);

public void destroyPlugin() {
      System.out.println("DESTROYING FOO PLUGIN");
      System.out.println("FOOPLUGIN SUCCESSFULLY DESTROYED ???? ");    


As you can see there is nothing fancy about it … the plugin works fine and loads correctly (more elaborate versions of it do the intended job).

But when deleting the jar file from the plugins directory or when deleting the plugin from the plugins page of the admin console the actual exploded folder of the plugin can’t be deleted for some reason … And Openfire will start deleting the folder over and over …

At first I sustpected I was not cleaning memory enough but I couldnt find what I was doing wrong.

Now I am trying with this “empty” plugin and the problem persists which makes me think the problem might not be on my side

I can’t see any relevant information in the logs other than

2010.09.18 10:29:18 Error unloading plugin foo. Will attempt again momentarily.


2010.09.18 10:33:59 PluginManager: Plugin removal: could not delete: D:\ALEX\DEV\Openfire\plugins\foo\lib\plugin-foo.jar
2010.09.18 10:33:59 PluginManager: Plugin removal: could not delete: D:\ALEX\DEV\Openfire\plugins\foo\lib

What can be wrong ?




Openfire is installed on a vista machine

Any help appreciated



Hi Alex,

deleting a plugin is indeed a little bit problematic. It seems that one does need to press the delete button more than once. There is already the open issue OF-197.