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Simple Question about plugins

Can I simply remove a plugin from the directory while wildfire is running?

A novice tried installing one that is not compatible with my version of Wildfire which is 2.4.4

He left it in there however and now im getting all the expected warnings in the log.

If i just delete it will it hurt anything? or do i need to stop the service first?


Hey Richard,

You can safely delete any jar file located in the plugins folder. The server will detect that the jar file was removed and try to unload the plugin from memory. Plugins should release any allocated resource to be correctly removed. Moreover, sometimes a full Garbage Collect is needed to finally get rid of the plugin’'s code in memory.


– Gato

When the plugin is disabled in their option, Does it stay in memory all the times?

Hey adun,

Yep, it is transparent to Openfire if a plugin wants to be enabled or disabled. Openfire only checks that every jar/war files in the plugins folder is a plugin that is running in the server. If the plugin decides to disable its service then that is unrelated to Openfire.


– Gato