Simplicity Accelerates Adoption

The fact that simplicity accelerates adoption may seem obvious, but it is worth pointing out. All of the projects on IgniteRealtime have simplicity and ease-of-use as one of their core goals. Igniting real-time collaboration is all about spreading the word about the productivity improvements and collaboration opportunities presented by real-time modes of communication. This principle doesn’t just apply to the end-user experience either. Simplicity in administration and API usage allows administrators and developers to focus on solving their technical and business problems without spending unnecessary time on technical issues or awkward interfaces.

Why is accelerating adoption of real-time an important goal? I am looking forward to the day when RTC is as open and ubiquitous as email. This doesn’t just mean having a federated set of IM addresses that everyone recognizes, though. That would be email parity. RTC ubiquity extends to seeing a colleague or partner’s presence and being able to initiate the ideal method of contact, or combined methods of contact, simply and immediately. And making it easy to capture the output of the collaboration at the end of the interaction is just as important as starting the conversation in the first place.