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Single sender to multiple receivers

Hi, I want the sender to send message to multiple receivers. in my case, i have like 4000 senders and 4000 receivers, but i want to have a super receiver will receive all the packets from all the senders and do a seperate work. so i thought that each sender could send the packet to their intented receiver and to the super receiver. But I dont want sender to send two different packets cos this ll cause overhead in the client side. So with single packet can i have two receivers?

Yes - Extended Stanza Addressing XEP-0033. OpenFire supports it.


Thanks for the reply…I did the following in MessageRouter.java and it worked

JID globalJID = new JID(globalReceiverNode);
Message newPacket = packet.createCopy();
routingTable.routePacket(recipientJID, packet, false);//original code
routingTable.routePacket(globalJID, newPacket, false);

Here, i hardcoded the global id and after routing the original packet to the intended users, it ll send it to global id too…

But is this good in terms of performance??