Single Sign On - Is Pandion my only option

Hi everyone,

I’‘ve recently had success in getting SSO working with WIldfire and Pandion 2.5 and our Win2000 Active Directory and am pleased how it’'s working.

This is a killer feature requirement for me as people constantly forget to tick the “automatically” login box after a server reboot or forget to change their spark password when their network password changes so we get less and less people signing in and reducing the effectiveness of the IM server.

Is this feature available in spark? or is it planned to be, if so, what are the timescales.

I’'m on the verge of replacing spark with Pandion for this feature alone.



Do you mean actual SSO like you don’'t ever have to provide authentication with Pandion since you are altready authenticated to the windows domain? Sounds cool. Part of the point of spark is being cross platform though, pandion is windows only. Having wildfire auth to AD does me little good when running a client from linux (other than my jabber password matching with my domain password).

I didn’‘t realize that you could do this with Pandion. I’‘d have to agree… that feature alone will most likely get me to push Pandion out my users. Our users are required to change their AD passwords every 90 days. This will in turn change their Wildfire password since I’‘m authentication against a radius server that sends the request to AD. When users’’ passwords change, those that use the “remember my password” feature don’'t remember to change their password. I addition, I discourage users from using the “save password” option to avoid storing passwords in plain text.

A single signon (the single signon being the windows signon) would be an excellent option. This could be an option (checkbox) in the client (simliar to the “save password” box) that would essentially grey out the username/password fields so nothing had to be entered. This way the client is still platform independent. OR… only add the option to the client for Windows? Leave the linux/mac clients alone?

Hi Guys,

We are actually adding in Single Sign On to Spark in the 2.1 release. It’'s actually been worked on by a very kind member of the community.



Can’'t wait to see it. Thanks for the great products.

Hi - Yes, with my current setup I do not have to provide any credentials at all to Pandion. It picks up the locally logged on user and authenticates against LDAP. All I provide is the server name. I understand this is of no use to most of the other platforms but in a windows/AD environment it really is a massive improvement. Before this we would find the number of people acrtually logged on kept dropping as they never changed their spark password along with their windows password or kept fogetting to select the automatic logon option.

It’‘s good to hear it’‘s on the cards for the 2.1 release of spark. If that appears within the next few months it may make me hold off. I know it’'s only approximate but is there a timeframe for 2.1?



Do you have any tips on getting pandion to work with Wildfire. From everything I’‘ve read and tried myself, it seems it’'s not supposed to work.

Thanks in advance!

Ive tired everything, including the wildfire patch (ive 4gotten the url else i would have posted it for you)

no joy what so ever, just going to have to wait me thinks

Any chance on a timeline for the release of Spark 2.1??? SSO would greatly enhance my user experience and greatly increase the likelyhood that my Director will approve it.


SSO is scheduled for the 2.5 (3.0) release at the end of January.



How are we looking on this timeline… I know 2.0.8 was pushed back a wee bit. I’'m very excited for this feature!