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SIP domain support?

Is there a way to enable a user / administrator to enter which SIP domain they belong to? Currently, I can enter the SIP server, however the SIP server does not match our SIP domain. If I enter our SIP domain, Spark does not seem to do the proper DNS lookup to find the proper SIP server location.

For example, our SIP domain is http://msu.edu. Our SIP server is at http://sip.msu.edu or http://voice.msu.edu. SIP.MSU.EDU is not an authoritive domain on our SIP proxy or registrar. Spark seems to assume that your registration packets come from {SIP USERNAME}@{SIP SERVER} which is not the case for us. This seems to be happening in Spark 2.5.7 / OpenFire enterprise 3.3.3.

Unfortunately Openfire does not support a domain name that’s different from the server name.