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SIP Phone não transmite/recebe audio


Fiz a instalação do Plugin SIP Phone, faz as chamadas normalmente mas não transmite/recebe audio.


Openfire 4.0.4, instalado em um servidor Centos 6.7, com portas tcp/udp 5060 abertas e tcp 5061

Spark 2.7.7



SIP doesn’t like firewalls and NAT in particular.

Just like with FTP, the SIP signalling on TCP (or UDP) port 5060 includes the private (RFC1918) IP address if your SIP endpoint in the SDP (session description protocol). Either your endpoint or your firewall needs to do something to put it’s mapped (public) IP in the SDP.

“proprietary” firewalls like a Cisco ASA or Fortinet have application-layer SIP inspection code to make it all Just Work.

pfSense does it with the siproxyd package.https://subwaysurfers.vip/ https://psiphon.vip/