SIP Phone Pluggin issues


We are using Openfire since few months and are very with it. We Also have SIP Server setup and we were using XLite and it works very well and has few 100 users. But we have issues when we tried to integrate SIP Phone Plugin with Spark. Our server side setup is good and we can see the plugin in Spark client and does the basic functionality with some issues.

Basically we have the below issues:

  1. Delay in audio
  2. Calls don’t hangup properly.
  3. DTMF issues
  4. Call Transfer doesn’t work properly.

Please let me know if anyone has good experience working with SIP Phone plugin or if some one has another recommedation for SIP Plugin.

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I have read your Issues via Mail and now in the forum.

I think you use Spark 2.5.8. Please try the latest version from the svn or from there

Can you tell me which sip server do you use?

I use Asterisk, with my own Asterisk Frontend.

Which Codec is allowed for the sip client? ALAW,ULAW,Speex,…?

Sorry. But the next two weeks I can’t answer your messages, because I was in kenia on holiday.

But after my holiday’s. I will check all your issues.



Hello Michael,

Sip server is Opensips and version 1.5

Codec is Ulaw, Alaw

When call comes to the spark sip client after answering the call no audio for first 6 seconds

And Call doesn’t hangup.

Here are the more details on the issue:

Spark Sip –Client Issues

  1. For incoming and outgoing calls no audio for first 5-6 seconds.
  2. When continuously Called the spark will Hang up
  3. Transfer and Hold Functionality is not working
  4. During the call if we press the hold button the phone hang-ups and not receive any incoming call further.
  5. DTMF is not working properly.

Please let me knwo if anyone has encountered these issues.

Hello Michael,

I didn’t wanted to bother you during your vacation but I just wanted to let you know that I tried with the latest 2.6.0 and I still have the same problem.

Have a nice vacation!


Ravi M

Hello Michael,

We downloaded the recent version of Spark from svn trunk.Audio delay is fixed but the SIP Plugin is behaving little strange.

Attached are the issues what we found.


Ravi M
SIP Phone test results.xls (11264 Bytes)

Hello Michael,

Hope you had nice vacation. Did you get a chance to look at the issues which I mentioned. I still have the same issues.



hi ravi,

have u been able to crack the issue? I have the following setup and I have similar issues as I have

  1. Openfire server 3.7.1 running on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64 bit

  2. Spark Client on windows 7 32 bit: version # 2.6.3

  3. PBX in a flash - based on Asterisk

Following were my observations

  1. I used spark and could register to the VOIP server

  2. When I place a call to another Windows 7 machine running Spark, the other person is able to get a notification of incoming call and is able to accept the call. But the voice quality is bad and video does not work

  3. However, when I use a client called as Jitsi (it is currently in beta), things are different. In Jitsi, I have to add two accounts - openfire and SIP. But the voice and video is amazing and screen sharing also works like a charm on native openfire support. My company of 500 people is on spark and asking them to move to Jitsi is a pain. I am trying badly to make spark work somehow so that voice, video and screen share work through the spark client. Any pointers are welcome.

  4. Jitsi is a unified chatting client and really works nicely even though it is in a beta stage.

You are right on this. We have tested Openfire with few different SIP/IM clients and we found SIP Communicator/Jitsi to be working very well. Infact there were few issues intially we found during our testing a year ago and communited to them and they were resolved. Right now there are no issues with respect to voice and IM. But if you want to use its workgroups/fastpath you won’t be able right now with Jitsi as there is no fastpath plugin for Jitsi. I have talked to them about the possibly writing something like that and they said they would do it if more people ask for it.