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SIP Phone Plugin Error: This user not allowed to register in the SIP Registrar Server


I’m kind of new in Openfire with SIP integration. Currently at me office we are using an Elastix asterix based box for or phone system and we would really like to integrate Openfire/Spark with our phone system.

I have already setup Openfire but I’m having issues configuring the SIP Phone Plug-in.

My problem is when trying to create a new SIP Phone Mapp I get the following error:

This user not allowed registering in the SIP Registrar Server. Check Authorization Username and password then try again.

I already tried all the users’ accounts that I could think off from my elastix/openfire users and note of them works.

I looked and there is no much information on how to complete the setup below:

SIP username : (I have ext#@SIP)

Authorization Username :

Display Phone Number :

Password :

Server :

Outbound Proxy :

Voice Mail Number :

Prompt user for Credentials : No

Enabled : Yes

I wonder if someone has setup this setting with Elastix or Asterix before or if someone can just give me a quick help on how to setup this plug-in since there is no much information about it.



In the asterisk sip.conf you can find all information.

Asterisk SIP Config:

bindaddr= ;

username=100 ; &
secret=password ;

Openfire Phone Config:

SIP username : 100

Authorization Username : 100

Display Phone Number : test <100>

Password :password

Server :

Outbound Proxy :

Voice Mail Number : *97

Prompt user for Credentials : No

Enabled : Yes

Hi cstux,

I couldn’t find the information that you posted in the sip.conf file but using it I found that the information was under sip_additional.conf in the etc/asterisk location

However I was able to register my phones on the plug-in using your hint.

One thing I just realized, I couldn’t get the presence to work in Spark and the sip phone plugging isnt working either even though I set up the extensions, I was doing more search on this and fund this link http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1101 so I’m not sure if now I need the enterprise plug in to get this working or not

Thanks anyway’s!

I think I spoke too soon.

I restarted my elastix box and re-applied the sip phone plugging to sparks and now I can see spark trying to register but it fails. And under the phone extensions plugging I see a status of Registration failed. When I created the sip extensions I tested them and it succeeded so not sure now what I have wrong?

Here’s a screenshot to see if it helps