SIP Phone plugin+pjsip library = invalid number


When I attempt to call using spark, I receive an error “Invalid number”. In Asterisk log: sip_inv.c .Error parsing/validating SDP body: Unknown error 220030

In Openfire web interface SIP Phone status in mappings is registered and if I trying call from another sip phone, spark receive call, but immediately terminates the call. In Asterisk log get same error.

Openfire 3.10.3+SIP Phone plugin 1.1.0

Spark 2.7.4

Asterisk 13.6.0+FreePBX

this is a codec issue or something thats coming from the sip phone plugin of spark. you can try disabling all but alaw/ulaw. howerver, that is the less of your problems. the sip phone plugin needs a lot of work, and there are some terrible audio issues that have yet to be addressed.

Thanks a lot, it’s helped for me! About other issues with audio, you right!