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SIP Phone + SparkWeb + Red5

Hi All,

I have my Red5 Server in one linux system and OpenSER SIP Server on different linux system. As I am new I don’t know how to implement.

Please can anybody give me the end to end steps for implementing call & chat in sparkweb.


Gouri Prasad.


I guess it’s not hitting SIP Server. I don’t know what mistake did I made in the settings.

My Settings are:

  1. I have created two users in my SIP(OpenSER) Server say as Gouri & Prasad.

  2. In Openfire admin console I have added the same two users in USers/Groups Tab.

Username: Gouri

Name: Gouri

Password: gouri123

Confirm Password: gouri123

  1. I have se the in Red5 as

Name: red5

URL: rtmpt:// where is my SIP(OpenSER) Server IP Address

  1. I have Mapped the two users as

XMPP: Gouri

SIP Username: Gouri

Authorized Username: Gouri

Display Phone No: sip:Gouri@ where is SIP(OpenSER) Server IP Address.

Password: gouri123

Server: where where is SIP(OpenSER) Server IP Address and 5080 is my SIP Port.

  1. My SIP Settings:

SIP Server:

StunServer: stun01.sipphone.com

Port: 3478

Can anyone please tell me what mistake I have made in my settings or Can anyone give me the solution for call working(any document) in sparkweb.


Gouri Prasad.