could somebody please please answer this question. Or point me to a discussion where it is answered


Mr Johnathan Bravo

That’s not really a question is it? more of a statement. Anyway, some error logs of something might be helpful.



Sorry … I didn’t phrase it… more a question out of frustration… So here goes. When trying to load the sip phone plugin… on linux (Mepis 7.0 debian etch) …it downloads and then doesn’t show up in installed plugins. It’s also right back in available plugins when I go to them the next time. I have checked all over this website and seen 3 unanswered posts/questions exactly like mine . I have also found various vague references that the sip phone plugin doesn’t work with Linux. So my question is. Why doesn’t the sip phone plugin work in linux?

Thanks for you time.

Mr John Bravo

I would like to have it working on Linux too, but after some time spent after it, I guess it is just not working.

I experienced your same issue and found only a vague statement about it not working or supported in Linux.