SIP/Simple Readme or Documentation?

Is there a document or pointer as to what SIP/SIMPLE functionality is supported by the current BETA?


The documentation is still catching up with the beta code. However, I can give you an overview. Spark can now act as a SIP softphone when the softphone plugin is deployed (and Wildfire Enterprise is installed on the server side). There’'s no SIP text messaging support (or SIMPLE) in Spark and there are no plans to add that.

We support all basic call controls as well as hold and transfer. The two major holes we’'re missing are multi-line support and a conferencing feature (which also gives you attended transfer). Those features will be in future releases.

One thing we’'re working on is a setup guide to explain how to get all the phone stuff setup.



Has anyone successfully installed this? I can’‘t even seem to get the feature displaying on the UI, much less working. I thumbed through every setting I figured might work. Also, I did just upgrade to Wildfire Enterprise (3.2.0) but perhaps it’‘s not enable yet? Is there a way to tell? It’‘s in my plugins, but not in the “active” list and I’‘m fearing that may be why the softphone feature isn’'t working.

Any ideas?

Yep, it’‘s definitely that I can’‘t upgrade to the enterprise version. I’'ve spent the last hour trying to find in the admin console where to place this 30-day evaluation key. The directions are so vague and it makes me feel like the solution must be staring me in the face. I even tried placing the “file” into the application folder /enterprise. No luck.

Is there a magic trick for the upgrade? Sorry to be off topic. I do think softphone documentation would be keen.


Derek is going to write up a blog that has a step by step guide with instructions on how to deploy the VoIP stuff, which we’'ll aim to get published tomorrow. My apologies for the difficulties. A quick guide:

  • Download Wildfire 3.2.

  • Install the Enterprise 3.2 plugin into Wildfire, make sure it’‘s running. When you click the Enterprise tab, you’'ll be prompted to enter the 30 day license. Do it there.

  • Download the latest Spark 2.5 beta. Install the softphone plugin into the Spark plugins directory on each desktop you want to test with.

  • In the Wildfire admin console, enter phone registration settings for each user.




Thanks for the clear instruction! Unfortuately, I’‘ve been unsuccessful in installing the Enterprise plugin. This is the same problem I’‘ve run up against each time, but I wasn’‘t sure that it was a bug until you laid out the instructions above. I snagged a couple of screenshots to let you in on what I’‘m seeing. I can’‘t figure out how to install this plugin because there is no install button. And it’'s not showing as installed on the other list.

Screen 1 - Available Plugins

Screen 2 - Installed Plugins

If all else fails, I could just be a complete idiot for missing something obvious…


You’‘re right – something doesn’'t look happy. Could you take a look at the error log and see if there are any clues?



Got it! I believe it must have been a paths issue of some sort. I ended up deleting the old “enterprise” folder that had been created by an initial try and restarted the server. When it loaded, a new “enterprise” folder was created and I saw for the first time Wildfire Enterprise on the startup phase. Once inside, everything was wide open and clear.

I’'m good to go! Thanks for all the help!