Sizing the chat window?

Until very recently, I was able to make the current chat window (not the main Spark window) nearly as narrow as I wanted it to be. Now, I cannot decrease the width (to save valuable screen real estate) beyond a certain point. Has anyone else experienced this and/or does anyone know of a fix? Thanks!

Can you tell which version still let you make it as narrow as you wanted and with which version it started to behave differently? Also, can you make a screenshot of a narrowed window as it behaves now? Wonder is it the same as on my PC. Also, maybe there is a link or some big chunk of non break text showing in the history, which is causing this?

I have just noticed, that you can resize the chat window as much as you want when using JTattoo skin (default skin is JTattoo Luna), but with Substance skin it only allows to resize it so all toolbar icons are still visible at the top, it seems.

Thanks! That was it. I had recently changed the skin to something other than JTattoo*. As soon as I selected a JTattoo skin, I was able to re-size (reduce) the open chat window again. Much appreciated!