Skype support


there’‘s a Skype API for Java available at and I was wondering if we could see Skype support in the IM Gateway plugin any time soon. I happen to have some users who in turn use Skype a lot, and I’‘d like to give them a chance to use wildfire/XMPP (’'cause I wont go for Skype myself…)

What do you think about it? Regards,

  • Christian

The official Skype API requires the Skype application, since it doesn’‘t actually implement the protocol, it just talks to the client. This would mean that you’‘d need one instance of the application running per gateway user, which is rather complicated on a server, plus you can’'t even select which application you want to talk to from that API.

I wasn’‘t aware that this Skype API is just some +AppleScript+ sort of client controller. You’'re certainly right, this is not suitable for server applications. Too bad, it looked so promising at first.



I sure wish I could incorporate Skype in a reasonable way. =/