Slow admin console access on new deployments (rhel 8.6)

After downloading and installing the latest rpm, I started up the server and accessed :9090/ to begin the configuration. Proceeded fine through config (using embedded db), at which point I set the admin password. It sent me to the login.jsp page where I then supplied username/pass.

When providing a bad auth, a response is provided almost immediately. When supplying the correct admin credentials, the webpage takes minutes to load (although it does log me in). From there I can navigate around the web portion fine without issues.

Any thoughts as to the cause?

So the workaround until this is resolved is to disable rss feeds:

Solution: Go to Openfire System Properties and create a new rule: rss.enabled=false

[OF-2560] - Ignite Realtime Jira covers this issue. Until this bug is resolved, the above workaround can be used.