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Slow Contact List Pop-Up

Just started using Spark, and lots of my users are finding that when the software sits idle on the task bar for an extended period of time, there is a major lag when clicking on the icon to bring up the contact list. Any way to make this work any faster, or is it just due to the Java nature of the software? They are on Win32 1.0.2 and are moving to 1.0.3 this week. The machines all have plenty of ram, and are quite fast. Thanks.

(Also as a side bar, is there any way to make a message “pop” instead of stiting on the task bar?)

Hi darubin,

I have not noticed this, but will definitly see if I’‘m doing xtra work when bring the app back up. This is when it’'s hidden in your system tray, or just sitting in your task bar?



Hi Derek,

this is a common win32 java problem. Whenever you minimize an application all its “real memory” is freed if you believe what you see in the task manager, even 500 MB in 0.1 seconds. Working with other programs will swap the whole program into the windows swap file. Then it really takes some time to open the application.

This is sad but for me no reason to switch to another client.


From what I’‘ve been told, both. I’‘m getting it second hand, but more people are complaining about it. I don’‘t know if it’‘s the JRE or not - but the machines they are running on are pretty good (at least P4, 1 Gig ram). Any help would be greatly appreciated… as I’'d like to stick with Spark.