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Slow user summary screen from AD

Hi all

I’‘ve installed Messenger 2.3.1 and works great. It’'s based on Ms SQL2000 and LDAP.

Im using LDAP pointing to our internal domain controller to control access to the IM system.

Server works fine and the autentication works correctly based on the AD info. If I select from Admin console the tab “Users/Groups” to display the first list of the users takes 2-3 minutes, if I select group summary it’'s shown in 5 seconds.

There is a way to enhance this list generation? I see the traffic from the server to the DC is nothing the same of the CPUs usage…

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance



Hmm… that’'s the reverse of what we have, with MS/ADS 2003… our user listing comes up fairly quickly, whereas our group listing takes quite a while. We have 32 pages of users, and only 16 pages of groups, so it seems odd.

The major difference seems to be that we have an LDAP search filter on the user listing (to filter out users who shouldn’'t have Jabber access), but none on the group listings. I think that having any filter in place to try and cut down the number of LDAP entries Jive has to look through probably speeds things up, where Active Directory is concerned. Try putting in a simple filter on your user list, and see if that increases the load time any.


We have about 7000 users and it takes about 2-3 minutes… but that is 400+ pages…

Yeah, we only have maybe 475 user accounts, but that loads in under 2 seconds with the LDAP search filter in place, and with the JVM using ~ 10MB of RAM. I’'d be interested to hear if your load time decreases with a search filter in place, or if that 2-3 minutes is[/i] with a search filter.

I just did a quick test on our server to see if having a group filter sped up access, and it does seem to have helped a bit… it used to take 15-20 seconds to load ~300 groups, now it takes around 3-5 seconds, so that’'s quite a bit faster.

For reference purposes, I here’'s the filter I used:

It doesn’‘t find any different results than without the filter (which was by design, I wanted to see if the presence of a filter improved speed, given the same data set), but it does seem to return the results a lot faster. My guess would be that this is because the LDAP filter is run on the LDAP server itself, so that Jive has way less results to sort through that are returned, vs just querying everything from the LDAP server and having Jive check to see if they’'re groups or not.