we have this applet we wrote, is simple (compared to other clients) only MUC, no private chats, no reg/login (info passed w/query string, users already reg’'d in our system…)

one glaring problem we’‘re having is that after chat has been going on for a few minutes applet becomes VERY slow, there’‘s a lag when you’'re typing a message and such… any ideas on how I can solve this problem pls… thank you very much…

(no images, or any kind of graphics involved, all text is plain text, JTextPane on top, JTextArea at the bottom…)

If i could venture a guess, though your question might be more apt for the swing message boards, your problem would be that your JTextPane is taking up too much memory.


Well my opinion is … very much depends on performance of client machine!

Wasn’‘t an issue for me :stuck_out_tongue: ; my goal is as long as it’‘s portable enough! Like I’‘m doing it on a web server, I’'d rather push all the processing as much as possible to my client … rather than I have to process every single instance myself!

I wrote this for my own fun time “”! Give some comments.


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