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Smack 1.0 beta 4 issues

While we wait for the release of the beta 4 why don’'t give access to the code in develompment?

This is, there can be a final release, beta 3, and at the same time a beta beta 4 release in a area of development.

This is because, I want to go further in my program, and if I see the beta beta 4 I could implement the roster improvement rigth now, isntead of waiting for the final release. At the same time we could develomp better our applicatios, because we are tracking all the changes in the code, instead of doing major changings each time a new version is released.

ps: sorry for my english

I’'ll add my vote for this as well. Perhaps anonymous cvs?

Even if not, keep up the good work, Smack kicks ass!

I definitely understand the desire to get access to the latest source as quickly as possible. However, my concern is that it makes it more difficult to track bugs when there isn’'t an actual release number. What if we simply increased the frequency of releases and did one every week until we hit 1.0 final?



It’‘s a good idea, but I think that accessing to the last source don’'t dificult the track of bugs, instead, makes it easier. The last code whould be checkd by everyone and the official releases would be more bug safe!

Ok, let me talk to our sys admin and see how difficult it would be to get nightly cvs builds going.



I think that a nightly build to expose the latest development codes is one of the best means for faster and more bug-free final release. The same approach is practised in many other open-source projects, including Sun’'s JXTA project. I understand that Ant tools can easily automate the nightly build process and make the codes available for download (or CVS access). Looking forward to the latest codes each night! Worth a tinker