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Smack 3.3 is released

The Ignite Realtime community is happy to announce the latest release of Smack (version 3.3). It is now available for download. There have been a large number of issues addressed for this release, including new functionality with support for several more protocol extensions (XEP’s) and many improvements on existing features.

New Features

  • [SMACK-331] - Add support for XEP-0184: Message Delivery Receipts
  • [SMACK-345] - Inproved detection of last activity
  • [SMACK-361] - Add support for XEP-0115 Entity Capabilities
  • [SMACK-376] - Setting a custom trust manager to control certificates from outside
  • [SMACK-388] - XEP-199 XMPP Ping support

In addition to these, there have been many bugs fixed and a variety of other tasks done, the complete listing can be viewed here.

Great! Thanks a lot for the effort!

Smack 3.3 is integrated in Spark nightly starting at build 593


Feedback is highly appreciated

greak work. seems to me that the download link is not working :-/

Great…! But the download link doesnt work

I hate to say this, but it works fine for me. It brings up the projects dowload page and then I can select and download Smack.

also works for me now. everthing fine

Is it possible to view Audio/Video chats as history later? Does peer to peer connection happen via server? Can we archive audio/video?

Please do reply.